ETGIN Education

Tech Tutors: Our mission is to propagate the ideas of United Nations on quality education for all especially by bring the gap between to have and the have not (s) and to make education  available to the young people in the rural areas

Tech Authors: Due to the reality of ICT in education, Tech Authours aim to teach student responsible behaviour online, advantages of digital education and revitalize the writing skill among students using modern technology

we support Goal 4 of the SDGs by:

  1. Making education available and accessible to young people in the rural areas
  2. Closing the gap between the type of education available to the Urban and Rural children
  3. Introducing digital education and responsible behaviour online
  4. Revitalize the writing skill among students using affordable and available modern technology
  5. Train them about leadership and entrepreneurship by follow-up and mentorship
  6. Bringing the digital divides between rural and urban children

We seek to partner with anyone, bodies, NGOs and educational foundation whose aims and objectives is to deliver quality education to all